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Solutions for Active Employees

Solutions for Active Employees

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As the benefit landscape continues to evolve, employers have a wider range of options for delivering a benefit strategy that meets the needs of their diverse workforce. Through our work with organizations of all sizes, industries and levels of complexity, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the most pressing challenges employers face, as well as the most effective pathways leading to greater value within Total Rewards budgets. Our group solutions range from pre-configured to highly configurable to fully customizable, and are delivered through a variety of intuitive consumer-grade environments, based on your strategy, needs and preferences.

Willis Towers Watson’s user-centered approach allows us to create a tailored journey for our employers and employees by providing flexible offerings that meet them where they are and evolve as they do.

Benefits outsourcing solutions for the journey you’re on

Traditional outsourcing

Now, more than ever, it’s essential that your outsourcing partner also understand broader benefit issues. Willis Towers Watson has a long history of success in both benefit consulting and benefits outsourcing. We understand the ins and outs of this rapidly changing world and provide an unmatched focus on quality.

Our solutions provide pension, and health and welfare administration with the benefit of:

  • Unrivaled expertise and approach — nearly 140 years of consulting experience and nearly four decades providing services to some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations
  • A fully integrated platform — delivery models from cosourcing to full outsourcing, plus ancillary services, that scale to meet your current and future needs
  • Intuitive technology — provides employees with an engaging consumer-grade experience, with decision support available to help guide them in making benefit decisions tailored to their preferences and needs
  • Dedicated U.S.-based service-center support — so you can rest assured that your participant data are secure

Thanks to our unparalleled focus on quality and support, we have a 99% retention rate for clients who use our traditional outsourcing solution.

Marketplace environment

Our outsourcing solutions can be delivered within a marketplace environment, ensuring your employees will become informed, empowered and even excited to take ownership of their health and financial well-being. Employers who work with us know they are providing benefits that meet the needs of their diverse workforce.

Only Willis Towers Watson’s Group Marketplace offers:

  • A broader range of health, wealth, protection and lifestyle products that also provide more plan choices within each category
  • An advanced decision support system to provide your employees with personalized recommendations coupled with educational resources and support
  • Flexibility to deliver through our consumer-friendly Via Benefits™ brand or white label with your own brand

Determining the right solution for your population

You can rely on the expertise of our trusted consultants, combined with a wholly owned end-to-end solution that brings together the best practices, methods and lessons learned from helping thousands of organizations implement a benefit strategy that increases employee satisfaction and retention. Talk to a Willis Towers Watson consultant to determine the right path for your organization.


For multinational employers, we have a suite of global benefit management services that includes placement, coordination and administration of medical, dental and protection (life, accident and disability) benefits, underpinned by our unique, integrated technology. Learn more about our global services and solutions.


Learn more about Willis Towers Watson’s solutions for active employees today. Contact your Willis Towers Watson representative or email us at

Please note: Willis Towers Watson’s Group Marketplace was previously available under the brand OneExchange™.

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