This insights and trends review features a collection of articles looking at the key issues, challenges and opportunities across the world of employee engagement and talent assessment. To find out more about any of the following topics, please download the full pdf.

Nestlé & I

Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company, set out to transform its existing employee survey, known as Nestlé & I, into a globally consistent tool that would influence business decisions at every level.

How does change affect employee engagement?

As scrutiny and focus on the HR function remains ever steady, many organisations are likely planning new initiatives and organisational changes. When these changes are large in scope and substantial in impact – for example, a major restructuring or even a merger – it’s natural to consider the likely impact on employee engagement and company culture.

The impact of a values-driven company culture

Most large companies today have stated values, but it is unclear how consistently these values guide behaviour. This is an important issue because maintaining a values-driven, ethical company culture may likely lead to many positive outcomes.

Employee attitudes on inclusion and diversity: examining the implications

Assessing and understanding how inclusive and diverse an organisational culture remains a key priority for many organisations. With this considered, how are large organisations faring?

Why an effective listening strategy starts with the annual employee survey

The concept of listening to your employees is not a new one with many organisations now articulating formal listening strategies to implement. What does this mean for the large – and usually annual – employee survey?

Individual assessments in responding to an employee engagement opportunity

How can the exciting world of psychometrics help leadership teams to fulfil their goals of driving improved organisational performance and clarifying development opportunities?