Towers Watson's Sales Force Rewards practice assists clients with the design and implementation of incentive compensation programs for individual sales representatives, managers and sales leadership. We focus on developing programs that establish a clear link between individual performance and pay, and that motivate sales professionals to achieve their organization's key business objectives.

We can help you answer the following questions about your sales force:

  • What are your primary strategic objectives, and how should the sales force work to ensure that they are achieved?
  • What is the role of each individual seller in supporting your key objectives?
  • Given these roles, how much should you pay each seller?
  • How should their pay be allocated between salary and incentive?
  • What kinds of incentives will best motivate your sales force to meet your business objectives?
  • How often should you pay your sales force for their performance on each incentive?
  • What impact will sales compensation programs have on your total compensation expenditures?
  • How do you most effectively introduce new sales compensation plans, and how can you ensure that existing programs continue to support your strategic goals?

We've worked successfully with numerous business-unit leaders and HR professionals to redefine their company's sales competencies, career ladders for salespeople, and sales compensation programs in conjunction with a broader strategic overhaul of the sales and marketing function.