A leading multiline insurer partnered with us to develop a flexible, extensible corporate financial model to integrate analysis across multiple business segments.

This insurer embarked on the project to develop a competitive advantage in analyzing and managing its product lines. It is a large company and is concerned that there might be difficulty tying together analysis from diverse product groups into a multisegment, corporate modeling projection system. Its blocks of business are so large that the work might typically be broken down into separate stand-alone applications. This insurer strived for powerful stochastic models with strong analytical capabilities that could be grouped into a flexible, extensible corporate modeling framework.

We assembled a team of consultants and software experts to work with a cross section of company stakeholders. This team worked with the client to design the corporate framework that would best meet the company’s needs and test the integrity of the framework’s design using a three-tier testing procedure focused on quality coding, accurate calculations and high-speed application performance.