Health care reform has ignited debates, transformed industries and reinvigorated individual health consciousness. Little wonder that savvy organizations now recognize good health as a business imperative — one with significant benefits for employee well-being as well as the company bottom line. The connection among wellness, employee engagement, workforce effectiveness and organizational health is influencing the development of new strategies to deliver a more compelling and mutually beneficial employment deal between individual and organization — in essence, the reciprocal “give and get” relationship between employer and employee.

In this article, we explore the business value of health and productivity initiatives in today’s business environment. Key insights include:

  • How health and productivity programs link to employee engagement, can improve workforce health, and also deliver key cost and competitive advantages
  • How strengthening executive leader and manager effectiveness help drive wellness program engagement
  • Practical actions that organizations can take to build a culture of health and employee well-being

This article was originally published by People & Strategy, The Professional Journal of HRPS, Volume 38 Issue 1, Winter 2015.