The 2013-2014 Change and Communication ROI Study (CC ROI) was fielded between March and September of this year. This ongoing research has shown that companies with effective change management and communication practices have better financial performance. This most recent study continued to explore emerging trends, and strategic and tactical innovations in change management and communication that make it possible to deliver bottom-line impact, including a quantifiable return on investment. For 2013, the study included a series of three topical surveys.

What the surveys cover:

  • The first survey focuses on how companies are building community within their organizations: creating a sense that employees and leaders are in it together, sharing both the challenges and rewards of working.
  • The second survey focuses on change management and explores what companies can be doing to sustain their change iniatives over time.
  • The third survey focuses on the employee value proposition, which defines “the give and the get” between the organization and the employee.


Download the full report which features an integrated look at key findings across the survey series. You’ll discover how change and communication practices are evolving around the world in order to meet the demands of an ever-changing business environment, and an increasingly diverse, dispersed and new-media-savvy workforce.