The 2013 – 2014 Talent Management and Rewards Study (TM&R) continues to explore the fundamental aspects of delivering on the employee value proposition (EVP) and targeting total rewards programs to pivotal segments of the workforce. This year's study took an in-depth look at talent management and employee reward programs for key workforce segments, including critical-skill, high-potential and top-performing employees.

Insights suggest that sustained profitable growth requires aligning the goals and objectives of your EVP and total rewards strategy with those of the business, and promoting a culture that attracts and retains the talent with the skills and competencies your organization needs now and into the future. Key findings reveal that high-performing organizations are pulling certain levers to influence attraction, retention, engagement and productivity of key employee groups. They are taking action to:

  • Reinvigorate career management strategies
  • Rethink the manager's role and develop highly effective managers
  • Reallocate and differentiate employee rewards to reflect the EVP

We hope the key findings and insights help your organization discover the strategic advantages of implementing highly effective employee rewards and talent management programs.