The 2013/2014 Global Benefit Attitudes Study examines how employees' preferences for retirement security affect their financial priorities and retirement planning, what makes them join an organization and what makes them stay, and the kind of benefits they desire.

The research was conducted in 12 countries, and the survey was completed by 22,347 employees representing all job levels and major industry sectors.

For large numbers of employees around the world, retirement security has become a higher priority.

Employees in India, Brazil, Canada and the U.S. lead the world in concern about retirement security, while it is less of a priority in Japan.

Retirement security has become a more important issue for me over the last two or three years (those choosing “agree” or “strongly agree").


In all countries, employees prefer more generous retirement benefits over higher pay when the benefits are guaranteed.

Employees in Mexico, Chile, India, China and Australia lead all others.

If your employer offered the choice between the following, which would you choose?