Towers Watson’s 2014 Health Care Changes Ahead Survey yields insight into how companies are changing their health care strategies to comply with health care reform, combat escalating costs, avoid the business risks associated with the 2018 excise tax and improve employee engagement. The responses of 379 midsize to large U.S. organizations point to five primary factors that will help frame employer-sponsored benefits:

  • Employers remain committed to health care for active employees and view it as a key part of their employee value proposition.
  • CEOs and CFOs are more engaged in health care strategy decisions, given their significant business implications.
  • Employers’ actions will have a material effect on employees and their families as a result of companies’ growing focus on outcome-based incentives and the way they subsidize coverage for spouses and families.
  • Employers’ interest in private exchanges for active employees continues to grow, but many await additional evidence that this model can deliver more value than their traditional self-managed program.
  • Employers will use technology as a pivotal tool in strategies to boost employee engagement and improve access to health care.

Use the survey results to help shape your organization’s health care benefit agenda, influence design decisions and adapt to a changing landscape.