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Global Alternatives Survey 2015

This year’s Global Alternatives Survey, produced in conjunction with the Financial Times, shows that the total global alternative assets under management hit $6.3 trillion (up from $5.7 trillion in 2013).

Of the Top 100 alternative investment managers, real estate managers have the largest share of assets (33% and over $1 trillion), followed by hedge funds (23% and $791bn), private equity fund managers (22% and $767bn), private equity funds of funds (10% and $342bn), funds of hedge funds (5% and $214bn), infrastructure (4%) and illiquid credit (3%).

The research — which includes data on a diverse range of institutional investor types — shows that pension fund assets represent a third (33%) of the Top 100 alternative managers’ assets, followed by wealth managers (19%), insurance companies (8%), sovereign wealth funds (5%), banks (4%), funds of funds (3%) and endowments & foundations (2%).

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