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    Workers look to employers for security as retirement confidence drops; cracking the case of stagnant wages; and work and rewards in an evolved organization
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    Workforce well-being; U.S. tax law fuels changes to employee benefit and compensation programs; and the future of work: Debunking myths and navigating new realities
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    How high-performing employers improve workforce health; why health and wellbeing programs are falling short of expectations; Five myths about the future of work
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    The act establishes a tax credit for employers offering paid family/medical leave and eliminates favorable tax treatment of some fringe benefits.
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    How high-performing employers improve workforce health; Defined contribution plans; How companies can prepare for changing family leave requirements
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    2017 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey; Defined Benefit Plans: 10 new definitions for 2018; and How to make pay for performance more than a tagline
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    Your EVP needs to cater for a diverse workforce as well as more flexible ways of working. There are three building blocks that will help you gain a full understanding of your employees and then tailor your EVP to meet the different needs you identify.
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    Featured on this page is our library of HR Software Webcast Replays developed to help improve your organizational effectiveness.
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    The question of how to provide context for their CEO pay ratio proxy disclosure has been one companies have been turning to as they near completion of their calculation work. Recently, an ISS position paper recommends companies include in their disclosure a comparison to peer group disclosures. We believe that focusing solely on placing the pay ratio in context for shareholders is likely at odds with the message companies want to communicate to their employees, which they’ve expressed to be their biggest challenge regarding the pay ratio.

    Jim Kohler, Steve Seelig and Rich Luss

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    Employees want to be rewarded, but some rewards are valued more than others. Companies need to take a good look at the type of rewards they are offering, and use evidence-based insights to determine if they are really driving employee satisfaction.
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