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    A recent French law contains various provisions to promote training, employment, gender pay equity and equal treatment among workers.
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    In this issue of Sustainably Engaged, we explore how next-gen focus groups use AI-powered analytics to analyze and segment employees in real-time.
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    A groundbreaking report shows how health costs are hurting American workers, the IRS approves a student loan repayment match for a 401(k) plan, and an in-depth analysis traces the trajectory of pension risk over time.
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    In this issue of Sustainably Engaged, we highlight our new research that examines how various organizational practices help shape a high-performance culture and organization.
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    This advisory provides an overview of recent developments in the areas of workforce rewards, pay equity, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance.
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    Modernizing Total Rewards, the power of predictive analysis
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    The role of HR as a proactive business partner and advisor has never been more important.
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    Modernizing performance management; work and rewards in evolved organizations; making compensation more effective for employees and employers
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    Getting the most from defined contribution plans; HR’s role in the digital world; and 8 health care and benefits stats every employer should know about
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    The challenge of acquiring high-caliber technology talent with the skills required in today’s digital environment continues to perplex our retail clients. While retailers have faced these challenges for some time, companies in all industries are beginning to digitize, not only for cost savings and efficiencies but because of growing customer expectations for automated, yet personalized, solutions. Here, we provide a framework for how non-tech companies can begin to think about tech talent acquisition.

    Kate King and Lance Hendren

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