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    Our Global M&A Retention study shows retention incentives are improving all the time in being able to hold on to key staff during a merger and acquisition. But retention incentives alone buy time, rather than loyalty. More needs to be done to convince people to stay for the longer term.
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    Willis Towers Watson recently completed its 2017 Global M&A Retention Study which found that incentives can provide acquiring companies with extended time to integrate new employees, but it does not guarantee loyalty or long-term success. The study also offers other interesting findings about retention incentives.

    Mary Cianni and Scott Oberstaedt

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    In our third global retention study since 2012, we continue to focus on how financial retention agreements help keep key acquired talent with their new companies.
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    M&A activity remains high on the corporate agenda and transactions are becoming increasingly complex trustees need to engage early to get a seat at the table.
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    Both for serial acquirers and companies that only occasionally do mergers and acquisitions, retaining experienced leadership and other key talent often tops the list of tough people challenges in M&A situations. We’ve recently launched our third Global M&A Retention Study to provide further insights into best practices in retaining top talent in M&A settings.

    Scott Oberstaedt

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    Insights on inclusion and diversity; achieving workplace gender parity; recruitment and retention strategies; research on pension assets and employee benefit themes
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    Whilst 2016 was another strong year for M&A activity, transactions are becoming increasingly complex to close and integrate.
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    Human-centric health; understanding private exchange offerings; compensation management; HR’s role in M&A deals; webcast replay: outlook for employers in Trump era
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    Post-election outlook for benefits, CEO pay and more; discussions on productivity and spin-offs; new challenges for leadership development; pay levels flattening
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