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    With rapid development of technology especially AI and Internet, for organizations, the next 3 years are more vital than the past 50 years. Here are the six important trends in talent management which will impact HR daily work.
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    Willis Towers Watson Pulse Software allows you to quickly access employee opinions and reactions to events, giving leaders insight to enhance the employee experience. The software empowers your organization to develop an agile employee listening strategy — one that enables you to drive change and monitor its effects. Employee insight for a better employee experience. 

    With Willis Towers Watson Pulse Software, you can set up a survey in minutes. Take a survey in seconds. See results in real time. 

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    We are at the beginning of a fourth industrial revolution, one that promises to alter the world of work permanently. Jobs as we once knew them are evolving at a faster pace; new skill requirements and occupations are emerging every day. How will you survive in the future of work?
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    A business leader’s success is based on both a thorough understanding of the organization’s work and a deep knowledge of how digital technology will change that work.
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    The digital work environment is raising challenges regarding leadership expectations as organizations look to create leaders who will continue to grow as digital technology evolves.
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