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Accelerating Growth in Asia
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  • Survey Research Results
    Salary increases for employees in most markets across Asia Pacific will be lower in real terms next year despite a rise in average salary budgets from 2015, owing to growing inflationary pressure.
  • Survey Research Results
    Our survey found that while employers are investing significantly in their benefit plans, there’s a gap between this spend and the values that employees perceive.
  • Survey Research Results
    The 2015 Asia Pacific Benefit Trends survey provides insights about how employers can close the value gap they see in their benefit strategy.
  • Survey Research Results
    The 2015 survey finds that Asia Pacific employers are continuing to balance their benefit strategy goals with increasing costs of provision.
  • Survey Research Results
    The Towers Watson AP Salary Budget Planning Survey tracks salary movements and reviews practices as a means of helping companies with their compensation planning.
  • Survey Research Results
    Developing Asia’s economies are undergoing rapid structural transformation, becoming increasingly integrated with the rest of the world and embracing technological advances. These developments are changing Asia’s jobs landscape — reshaping the sectors where jobs are being created, the types of jobs available and the tasks that workers perform.
  • Survey Research Results
    The 2013 Asia Pacific Benefit Trends survey report discusses how employers are optimising benefit spend and competing in the war for talent through innovative benefit design.
  • Survey Research Results
    The Global Workforce Study (GWS) surveyed 1,002 respondents in Singapore. Overall it covered more than 32,000 employees selected to represent the populations of full-time employees working in large and mid-sized organisations across a range of industries in 29 markets around the world.
  • Survey Research Results
    Over the last decade an increasing number of Asian Companies have grown enormously in size, reach and importance — many of them becoming significant global players in the process. We define these companies as “Asian Trailblazers” in recognition of their pioneering spirit to successfully grow their businesses in markets outside their home country.
  • Survey Research Results
    While issues troubling the Euro zone and the US economy seem far from being resolved, China’s importance as a primary growth engine for the global economy continues to attract the attention of institutional investors from around the world.
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