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  • Technical/Regulatory IC
    The HKAS revealed that companies are carrying higher balance sheet liabilities, with a median HKAS 19 scheme deficit (of assets compared to liabilities) of 1.1 times monthly scheme salaries in 2014/15 as compared to 0.5 times in 2013/2014.
  • Technical/Regulatory IC
    HKAS 19 was amended in 2011 and became effective on 1 January 2013. Most companies have prepared their financial statements under the amended standard by now.The median Annual P&L Expense has increased significantly from 5.3% of annual salary last year to this year's 17.5% of annual salary.
  • Survey Research Results
    How Australian superannuation funds are using technology to communicate with and educate members.
  • Survey Research Results
    Plan sponsors have been tasked with determining what the landmark DOMA ruling in June means for their employee population and their benefit plans.
  • Technical/Regulatory IC
    The Supreme Court ruled 5 – 4 that the provision in DOMA defining “marriage” as a legal union between a man and a woman is unconstitutional.
  • Survey Research Results

    32,000 employees share their views on what attracts, retains and motivates them in the workplace. The resulting insights reveal elements that help shape employee behavior to support growth goals.

  • Survey Research Results
    The survey results show that sponsors view pension administration through a risk management lens. Sponsors today seek efficient administration at a competitive cost, offered by a team with experience and expertise with plan designs like theirs.
  • Survey Research Results
    In December 2010, Towers Watson surveyed employers to learn what actions they have taken to manage health and welfare annual enrollment this year, and what changes they expect to make next year. The survey was completed by 209 U.S. employers (47 large and 162 midsize companies) from 22 industries. This year’s participants offer an average of 5.45 health plans and have an average of 14,232 employees.
  • Survey Research Results
    This survey of benefits professionals provides a snapshot of how employers are responding to health care reform challenges that have far-reaching implications for retention, recruitment, productivity, workforce planning, change management and the overall employer-employee deal.

  • Survey Research Results
    Employers are using decision-support tools to help employees make better choices about the health care plan they select. They are using more online communication and reducing their reliance on paper materials.
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