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Willis Towers Watson Insider covers health care and retirement benefit regulations, case law and policy, along with historical trends and future directions. In this issue, a groundbreaking report shows how health costs are hurting American workers, the IRS approves a student loan repayment match for a 401(k) plan, and an in-depth analysis traces the trajectory of pension risk over time.

U.S. health costs threaten the American Dream

This analysis shows how escalating health costs are shrinking workers’ wage growth, eroding their retirement benefits and fueling income inequality. Read more.

IRS approves student loan ‘match’ for 401(k) plan

Interested employers will want to review their Total Rewards proposition, and consider adding an innovative and potentially very powerful new benefit. Read more.

Pension risk declines for WTW Pension 100 in 2018

This year’s analysis finds slight improvements in the overall pension risk landscape. The median Pension Risk Index score declined from 1.8% in 2017 to 1.7% in 2018. Read more.

Puerto Rico Treasury extends hurricane relief for distributions and loans to retirement plan participants

Puerto Rico’s Treasury Department has extended the relief — originally scheduled to expire after June 30 — to November 30. Read more.