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Quarterly InsurTech Briefing Q1 2019

May — InsurTech companies are helping our industry make better pricing and underwriting decisions. The first edition of Willis Towers Watson's Quarterly InsurTech Briefing features some InsurTechs that are making significant progress and adding value.

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Technology, agility and reskilling

May — The future of work presents a huge opportunity for organizations that are ready to exploit the changing nature of employment and realize the benefits of true agility. What’s the impact of artificial intelligence in the workplace?

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Five strategic challenges chief risk officers can address through reinsurance

May — Reinsurance is a powerful risk management tool at insurers’ disposal. Learn how it can be used as a strategic tool.

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Insurance Marketplace Realities 2019 Spring Update

April — There is a clear trend across most lines of business and geographies that insurers are taking steps to return to underwriting profitability. Explore the factors driving price firming and a more disciplined underwriting approach in 2019.

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Willis Re Reinsurance Market Report April 2019: Results for year-end 2018

April — Total capital dedicated to the global reinsurance industry measured $462 billion at year-end 2018. The largest component of this figure is the total shareholders’ equity of the 32 reinsurance companies tracked in the Willis Reinsurance Index, which was down 10% to $335.7 billion, reversing growth of 8% in 2017.

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Editor's picks

Infographic: Life insurers embrace predictive analytics to elevate their business

May — Growing competitive pressures and changing customer expectations make predictive analytics capabilities essential for life insurers.

Video: Additional uses for loss cost models

April — In an interview with A.M. BestTV, Ben Williams discusses how insurers are using loss cost models and identifies what should be considered when applying the models to other purposes.

The rules of engagement

April — Through the right partnerships, technology and forward thinking, the life insurance sector has a key role to play in taking on the industry-wide challenges presented by extraordinary change.

Willis Re 1st View April 2019: Rational Markets

April — Virtually all reinsurers have posted improved combined loss ratios for 2018 as compared to 2017 — though for many the return to profitability has been marginal. Get insights on current market conditions within the reinsurance industry.

In the news

Willis Towers Watson and Tia Technology join forces to advance insurance pricing

May 23 — Willis Towers Watson announced that Tia Technology is joining its global Radar Live collaboration program, becoming the first vendor to do so. The program will allow Willis Towers Watson to develop an ecosystem of leading policy and claim administration vendors and support faster integrations with Radar Live.

Radar 4.4: New version of Willis Towers Watson’s pricing software delivers enhanced governance and security controls

May 14 — Willis Towers Watson has released an updated version of its Radar pricing software. Radar 4.4 introduces new security features that provide a more sophisticated governance process as well as improvements to the software’s machine learning and optimization capabilities.

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