Total Rewards Digest

In this quarterly issue, we report on:

  • New Options for Retiree Health Benefits
  • Good Health as a Business Imperative
  • New Framework for Optimizing Sales Talent

And more...

New Research: Emerging Opportunities for Retiree Health Care Programs

Retiree medical plan sponsors want to honor their promises to their retirees, but cost and risk concerns are influencing them to change their approach to these benefits, according to our 2015 Survey on Retiree Health Care Strategies. Now major changes in the retiree medical landscape present new options for employers to meet the needs of retirees, reduce costs and minimize risks. Read more

2015 Survey on Retiree Health Care Strategies

New Insights: Capturing the Value of Health and Productivity Programs

As a result of health care reform, savvy organizations now recognize good health as a business imperative — with significant benefits for both employee well-being and the company bottom line. The connections among wellness, employee engagement, workforce effectiveness and organizational health are influencing the development of new strategies to deliver a more compelling and mutually beneficial employment deal between individuals and organizations. Read more

Capturing the Value of Health and Productivity Programs

Optimizing Sales Talent Takes More Than Compensation

What does it take to manage sales talent in order to drive employee engagement and strong financial performance? Towers Watson consulting work and research confirm that compensation is rarely the only solution. To address this complex question, we developed a sales-effectiveness framework enabling organizations to assess their sales talent management capabilities and identify areas for improvement. It provides an actionable checklist — and also lends itself to quantitative assessment. Read more

Managing a Sales Team Effectively

Satisfying Security-Seeking Workers Without Guaranteeing Jobs

Our most recent Global Workforce Study reveals that a large segment of the employee population still considers job security a key reason to join or leave an organization. However, a closer look shows that employees are not necessarily looking for job guarantees. Our findings suggest employers can address the needs of these workers through more effective leadership and better performance management. Read more

Assessment Framework Highlights Priorities for Executive Compensation

Since our launch in 2014 of Principles and Elements of Effective Executive Compensation Design, we've had in-depth discussions with hundreds of companies and used the related assessment tool in approximately 75 in-depth executive compensation program reviews. Our results to date reveal two priority areas for improvement: pay-for-performance assessment; and incentive targets, ranges and discretion. Read more

Towers Watson’s Principles and Elements of Effective Executive Compensation Design: A Snapshot of Our Assessment Capabilities - Insights and Applications - December 2014

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