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    United States Monthly in English
    A review of news, research and analysis
    Audience: HR professionals
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    • HR Digest — October 2017
      Employer confidence in offering health benefits reaches pre-ACA levels ; do’s and don’ts of CEO pay ratio communications; Assessing your Total Rewards portfolio
    • HR Digest — September 2017
      Boosting your organization’s “Cyber IQ”; taking the guesswork out of target setting; optimizing Total Rewards to gain a talent advantage
    • HR Digest — July/August 2017
      Decoding cyber risk; opportunities in the gig economy; overcoming outdated Total Rewards practices; resetting leadership expectations to engage today’s workforce
    • HR Digest — June 2017
      Global medical trends; emerging health care survey results; employee health and well-being; workforce data science; reshaping compensation with artificial intelligence
    • HR Digest — May 2017
      Employers: the world in 2017; wellness and incentive programs; communicating with video; behavioral health programs, compensation budgeting, career enablement.
    • HR Digest — April 2017
      Future workplaces with free agents and automation; communicating with multiple generations; a look at behavioral health programs, wellness committees and HR portals
    • HR Digest — March 2017
      Insights on inclusion and diversity; achieving workplace gender parity; recruitment and retention strategies; research on pension assets and employee benefit themes
    • HR Digest — February 2017
      Human-centric health; understanding private exchange offerings; compensation management; HR’s role in M&A deals; webcast replay: outlook for employers in Trump era
    • HR Digest — January 2017
      Survey report on best practices in health care; replay of webcast: post-election outlook for benefits and pay; delivering a modern performance management experience
    • HR Digest — November/December 2016
      Post-election outlook for benefits, CEO pay and more; discussions on productivity and spin-offs; new challenges for leadership development; pay levels flattening
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HR Digest
A review of news, research and analysis

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