We are now more than halfway into 2017 – have you taken advantage of the investment opportunities since the start of the year and positioned your portfolio well? Prices are constantly rising in Hong Kong, and maintaining a livelihood here is a leading source of pressure for many breadwinners. According to the Census and Statistics Department, the Gini Coefficient, a gauge measuring the magnitude of income inequality, registered a 45-year record high level of 0.539 in 2016. Uneven income distribution is a growing problem in Hong Kong, so if you want to spend your golden retirement years in the city, you must start saving for your post-retirement expenditures early. In this issue’s Cover Story, we’ll dig deeper into this subject.

Meanwhile, the MPF offsetting mechanism continues to be a hot topic. Although the previous Executive Council voted to abolish this arrangement, after the inauguration of the new government the incumbent members of the council have pushed the decision back. But how much do you know about the offsetting mechanism? In the column How To..., we’ll explain how to calculate the amount of MPF benefits that are affected by the offsetting arrangement.

In People’s Voice, we have invited Alison Chiu, the well-known former news anchor, to share her insights on wealth management and MPF investments. When it comes to managing our own wealth, we should always keep an open mind to new information and different viewpoints. By doing so, we can improve the efficiency of our investment management, and the receptive attitude may benefit our investment returns, too!

Snapshot of this issue:

  • Cover Story: Wealth Disparity Alert: Time to Save More for Retirement
  • How To: How to Calculate the Offsetting Amount in MPF
  • People's Voice: Alison Chiu: Capture Long-Term MPF Returns with 3-3-4 Strategy
  • Dim Sum: Bike Sharing

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