e-News about Willis Towers Watson's latest investment publications in Asia

e-News about Willis Towers Watson’s latest investment publications in Asia

Sustainable investment in action

This paper provides an update on what we have been doing in the field of sustainable investment for clients as a follow-up to our previously issued paper, Time for everyone to translate thinking into action. We highlight how we help clients incorporate sustainability into their investment processes and portfolios, including sustainability-related tools and practical solutions.
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Investor Stewardship - One hand on the wheel

Stewardship activities (where asset managers or asset owners engage and vote to positively influence assets they invest in) account for only a small fraction of asset management industry activity. Based on six large indexation managers, our research shows encouraging momentum across the industry and indexation managers are stepping up with good signs of progress. But there is still lots more to do. This note is a call to action for the investment community to redouble its stewardship efforts.
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Considering Chinese assets

The world economy can increasingly be simplified to three centres of gravity: (1) The US, (2) The Eurozone, and (3) China. From an opportunity set perspective, China cannot be ignored, thanks to its gradual financial liberalisation. In this paper, we discuss why institutional investors should consider an allocation to Chinese assets as a building block within their portfolio.
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