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We know you have parties to attend, work to finish off, and family to see, so in this year-end issue of Sustainably Engaged, we reflect briefly on key learnings from 2017 and look ahead to what 2018 has in store.

Looking back on 2017

We observe two key themes in 2017. First, our clients continue to adopt more agile and frequent forms of employee listening. We’ve been hard at work developing technology solutions to support this. In April, we introduced our very own Willis Towers Watson Pulse Software. In December, we launched the latest release, which allows clients to pre-code surveys from HRIS data. Today, over 60 clients are using Willis Towers Watson Pulse Software to gather more timely and actionable insights.

The second key theme is around the employee experience. Employers are increasingly broadening their focus from employee engagement to the more holistic notion of employee experience, or, the collective total experience an employee has working for their employer. This is a naturally progressive step to a more relevant and meaningful approach to gathering employee insights.

You can see both of these themes weaved throughout our insights from the past year. Specifically, we learned that:

A sneak-peek of what’s ahead for next year

Next year these core trends will continue, and we also foresee greater focus on:

  • Predictive analytics to drive manager insights
  • People analytics and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Involving employees in the change process through agile techniques such as crowdsourcing
  • Using integrated software to manage whole survey programmes

We will pick back up in February with some very interesting research on what differentiates high-performing organizations and our formula for the path to success.

Until then, season’s greetings and a very happy new year from the Employee Insights team at Willis Towers Watson!