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So maybe you figured out what blockchain is — but what can you do with it?

A lot of hype surrounds blockchain, distributed ledgers and cryptocurrencies, but how will it benefit insurers?
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Insurers: Avoid the InsurTech autoimmune disorder

Rapid innovation via InsurTech represents risks that can be misread as threats to the business. Five key attributes can help insurers avoid this problem.
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Insurers testing new analytics frontiers face meaningful change

Emerging data sources and advanced analytics offer insurers the promise of unimagined value creation for those who navigate this new universe effectively.
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Commercial insurers primed for intelligent automation

Intelligent automation benefits commercial insurers as well as the data-intensive personal lines sector, despite the constraints legacy IT infrastructure may present.
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Insurers relish the chance to take a second bite at risk appetite

Eighty percent of insurers surveyed now consider their risk appetite statements when optimizing their reinsurance strategies.
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A last ‘Last Word’

Instead of sending you compilations assembled twice a year, we will be delivering timely content to you throughout the year digitally.
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