Companies are deep in preparation for year-end executive pay decisions and disclosures, and to launch 2019 pay plans. Success will depend on their ability to navigate numerous issues.

For instance, the growing economy, buoyed by tax cuts, has lifted financial results for companies in most sectors. This could translate into robust incentive payments for strong performance in 2018. But shareholders have not enjoyed equally robust returns. How will companies reconcile strong financial results and incentive payments with tepid shareholder returns?

Global trade issues also persist, creating ambiguities heading into 2019. Will 2019 be more of the same, or will the economy begin to slow? Creative incentive design and compelling goals will be pivotal.

Investors are increasingly thinking about issues beyond the bottom line, with a focus on stewardship. How should the evolving focus on environmental, social and governance issues impact the mandate and purview of the compensation committee?

While regulatory changes appear less onerous than in some years, companies must navigate year two of the CEO pay ratio. Will you use the same median employee or will circumstances force you to find a new median? How dramatic will the change in ratio be, and what’s the likely reaction?

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Don Delves 

Don Delves

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