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    A publication covering topical pension and investment issues
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    • Global Investment Matters - 2017
      This year’s Global Investment Matters offers our opinion on many issues including the global savings challenge, working your investments harder, generating return in a low-return environment and stewardship, among other topics.
    • Global Investment Matters - 2016
      This year’s Global Investment Matters sheds more light on issues such as, investment innovation and diversity, the myths surrounding the outsourced CIO model, thematic investing, sustainability and ESG and the increasing prominence of Sovereign Wealth Funds in Asia.
    • Global Investment Matters – 2015
      Global Investment Matters 2015 questions the prevailing investment model that appears to have been built for the benefit of the industry, rather than that of the end saver.
    • Global Investment Matters - 2014
      In this year’s Global Investment Matters we imagine a world without quantitative easing and try to predict the future of monetary policy, as well as assessing the next big transformational changes.
    • Global Investment Matters - 2013
      A range of investment-focused articles - including managing risk, governance and DC schemes - to enhance investment understanding for pension funds and investors.
    • Global Investment Matters - 2012
      The ongoing financial difficulties have led to a heightened awareness among investors of the factors that could disrupt immediate recovery and longer-term economic prospects. The changed environment has made the task of being a successful investor more difficult. On a positive note, our perception is that investors are better placed to meet that challenge than they have been in the past.
    • Global Investment Matters - 2011
      Aftershocks from the global financial crisis still threaten to upset the nascent economic recovery. There is broad acceptance that higher levels of uncertainty are the new norm, and that investors will need investment strategies that are more flexible and adaptable than they have been in the past.
    • Global Investment Matters - 2010
      The global financial crisis has revealed an investment industry more prone to significant financial distress than anticipated. While the world’s economy seems to be on a more even keel for now, institutional investors recognise the need to be better prepared for more frequent shocks in future. In this publication we discuss some of the challenges that investors now face together with other topical issues.
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Global Investment Matters
A publication covering topical pension and investment issues
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