This time last year we dared to believe that a number of positive political developments added together were laying the foundations for a more stable global economy and presaging the end of the beginning of the global financial crisis. As it turned out the global economic recovery continued to gain momentum throughout 2013, thanks to the absence of major negative events and a stream of positive economic news.

The financial crisis and its ramifications has forced investors to measure and manage risk far more diligently and in particular consider those very rare events that would have a high impact on global economic growth and asset returns if they occurred.

Global Investment Matters is designed to be thought provoking and so this year we imagine a world without quantitative easing and try to predict the future of monetary policy, as well as assessing the next big transformational changes. Also, we look at how institutional investors are transforming their governance models to improve their competitiveness to make the most of new investment opportunities such as those presented by China’s capital markets.