Insurers can gain significant competitive advantage from their actuarial software, however, in many instances the IT support needed to fully benefit from this software is outpacing their existing IT infrastructure – leaving them unable to reap the rewards of their software investment.

This is where vPlace can help. vPlace is our first Software as a Service (SaaS) online workspace that is tailored to the specific technology needs of actuaries. It overcomes the limitations of legacy systems to provide an alternate IT environment to host, manage and run Willis Towers Watson's actuarial software and supplementary tools.

vPlace allows actuarial teams to achieve more in less time, while the business is better equipped to respond to fluctuating industry pressures, thereby maximising their actuarial software investment.

“Shorter reporting timelines are pushing insurers to do more in less time and traditional on-premise infrastructures are struggling to remain fit for purpose” explains Stephen Hollands, SaaS Global Product Leader at Willis Towers Watson.

“Having a virtual workspace in the cloud, supported by our risk and actuarial software experts, allows insurers more time to respond to the changing needs of their business without having to spend huge sums on purchasing, updating and maintaining onsite infrastructure.”

Why vPlace?

  • Fully managed actuarial SaaS relieves internal IT from the burden of installing and managing specialised actuarial systems.
  • Automatic software updates ensures insurers are always working with the latest version in an optimised environment — so they can reap the full power and potential of Willis Towers Watson’s suite of actuarial software products.
  • Seamless user experience provided through an easy-to-use interface that hosts actuarial software applications and data in a central location, allows for easy cross-tool collaboration.
  • Limits system conflict as workload is removed from onsite desktop PCs, increasing software speed and performance.
  • Leading cloud-based security services guarantees exceptional privacy credentials, as well as built-in disaster recovery.
  • High-quality, specialist client services with expert support are available 24/7.
  • Accessible from anywhere, at anytime removes the reliance and constraints of traditional desktop PCs.
  • Cost-effective option to implement and manage actuarial technology.

Get more from RiskAgility Financial Modeller (FM)

RiskAgility FM is the first of our market-leading software tools to be hosted on the vPlace platform with other products scheduled to join over the coming year.

By moving model development away from local desktops and into the cloud, RiskAgility FM is optimised to perform at its best – modelling teams can achieve more in less time and can respond more effectively and efficiently to changing business demand.

In addition to the general benefits of vPlace, RiskAgility FM users will also appreciate the ability to access multiple releases of RiskAgility FM in one central location. Having easy access to different releases assists with the regression testing process of moving from one version of the software to the next. Coupled with our Willis Towers Watson Solutions for Life suite, which includes Unify and DataValidator, this can make the transition process a much simpler, automated and governed one, without having to involve IT in installing, managing and deploying new versions of key actuarial software.

As an alternate IT environment, vPlace also solves the IT challenges that can deter MoSes users from upgrading to RiskAgility FM, by providing the modern infrastructure and IT support needed to complete the process.

Find out more about vPlace

To find out more, visit the vPlace technology page, contact your Willis Towers Watson representative or email us at: