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  • Willis Towers Watson Media

    Accent op Finance 

    Netherlands In Dutch
    Insight into the latest developments in finance.
    Audience: Finance-officers and professionals Latest: Blog: 'Mogelijke verlaging van de ECB Deposit Facility Rate'
    • Willis Towers Watson Media

      Accent op HR 

      Netherlands In Dutch
      Insight into the latest developments in HR.
      Audience: HR-directors and professionals Latest: Wat levert goed werkgeverschap u op?
      • Willis Towers Watson Media

        Accent op Insurance 

        Netherlands In Dutch
        Insight into the latest developments in insurance.
        Audience: Board and management in insurance industry Latest: De Goudse: nichespeler die eindklant centraal stelt
        • Willis Towers Watson Media

          Accent op Pensioenfondsen 

          Netherlands In Dutch
          Insight into the latest developments in pension funds.
          Audience: Board and management of pension funds Latest: Evaluatie aanpassing FTK 2018
          • Willis Towers Watson Media

            Alternatives Insights 

            Germany, Italy, Netherlands + 1 more
            • United Kingdom
            Quarterly in English
            Alternatives Insights is a quarterly newsletter providing insights and information relevant to alternatives investing.
            Latest: Alternatives Insights - August 2015
            • Willis Towers Watson Media

              Benefits Hot Topics 

              United Kingdom
              News from our regular e-alert service, keeping clients up to date with breaking news and developments in finance, health care and HR
            • Willis Towers Watson Media


              Austria, Germany In German
              A magazine covering the primary topics around employee benefits in Germany
              • Austria
              • Germany
            • Willis Towers Watson Media

              Benefits! kompakt 

              Germany Three to four times a year in German
              A newsletter for small and midsize companies that explores areas of interest in the world of retirement solutions.
              Audience: HR and corporate pension managers Latest: Benefits! kompakt –März 2018
              • Willis Towers Watson Media

                Brussels Talk 

                Belgium Quarterly in English
                A quarterly newsletter on various hot topics in Belgium.
                Latest: Brussels Talk - Winter/Spring 2015
                • Willis Towers Watson Media

                  Corporate and Trustee Briefing 

                  United Kingdom Periodically in English
                  Towers Watson’s Corporate and Trustee Briefings bring together topical articles on current issues in pensions and wider employee benefits in the UK.
                  UK corporate sponsors, pension scheme trustees and pension managers.
                • EMEA Insurance Digest

                  EMEA Insurance Digest 

                  United Kingdom Quarterly in English
                  Regular newsletter which will compile a selection of featured articles, published content, events, market trends, product releases and any other relevant content for Insurers in EMEA.
                  Latest: EMEA Insurance Digest - July 2018
                  • Executive Pay Matters - UK

                    Executive Pay Matters - UK 

                    United Kingdom Monthly in English
                    This e-newsletter keeps readers up to date on developments, trends and issues in U.K. executive compensation and governance.
                    Latest: Executive benefits in the FTSE 100
                    • Finance Matters - June 2016

                      Finance Matters - UK 

                      United Kingdom
                      Towers Watson’s focus on key issues within the finance world.
                      CFO, treasurer, senior finance contacts Latest: UK Finance Matters - June 2017
                      • Willis Towers Watson Media

                        Hong Kong Retirement News 

                        Hong Kong, Macau Periodically in English
                        Willis Tower Watson’s insights and solutions of retirement planning in Hong Kong and Macau. This newsletter features news and information of retirement legislation, benefit provisions, and other retirement-related news for employers.
                        HR practitioners, COOs, CEOs and other senior management Latest: Have you prepared for the Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information (“AEOI”) for your ORSO or MPF Scheme?
                        • 2016 Swiss Pension Legislation Update

                          Hot Topics 

                          Switzerland In English
                          For employers in Switzerland, this e-newsletter provides the latest information on trends and developments in occupational pensions and related challenges for plan sponsors.
                          Latest: Historical threshold portfolio return and analysis of its drivers
                          • HR Matters - March 2016

                            HR Matters 

                            United Kingdom Bimonthly in English
                            A newsletter providing analytical insights based on Towers Watson’s practical experience with issues faced by HR professionals
                            Audience: HR professionals Latest: HR Matters - June 2016
                            • Willis Towers Watson Media

                              HR Perspectives 

                              Austria, Germany, Switzerland Three times a year in German
                              A newsletter on talent management and reward issues and trends.
                              Audience: HR managers
                              • Austria
                              • Germany
                              • Switzerland
                            • Infos Protection Sociale

                              Infos Protection Sociale 

                              France In French
                              For employers in France, this e-newsletter provides information on trends and developments in health and welfare, retirement and other employee benefits.
                              Latest: Infos Protection Sociale - Janvier 2016
                              • InfosBen Internationales

                                InfosBen Internationales 

                                France Quarterly, in French
                                A newsletter to inform compensation and benefits professionals about major international regulation news on health and welfare, pensions and employee benefits.
                                Latest: InfosBen Internationales - Édito Issue 22
                                • Willis Towers Watson Media

                                  InsureBlog – was Versicherer bewegt 

                                  Germany Published regularly in German
                                  InsureBlog discusses and analyzes the actuarial themes and processes of insurance companies with sound professional expertise.
                                  Latest: Fusionen: Nicht jede Übernahme erzielt den gewünschten Effekt
                                  • generic thumbnail cover of towers watson


                                    Portugal Periodic in Portuguese
                                    Up-to-date information on relevant information about Pensions, Rewards, Surveys, Defined Contribution, Investments, Flex, Social Security, Defined Benefit in Portugal.
                                    Latest: Digest - Assuntos Que Partilhamos Consigo - September 2014
                                    • Willis Towers Watson Media


                                      Germany Monthly in German
                                      This periodical provides the latest information on discount rate bandwidths for the valuation of employee benefits under IFRS, U.S. GAAP and German GAAP.
                                      Latest: Rechnungszins nach IFRS, US-GAAP und HGB – April 2019
                                      • Rumour, Rhetoric and Reality

                                        Rumour, Rhetoric and Reality –
                                        Commentary on UK pensions issues 

                                        United Kingdom Adhoc in English
                                        Analysis of announcements and developments affecting UK pensions
                                        Pensions professionals
                                        • Brexit  Latest: Deal or no automatic enrolment?
                                        • Wealth  Latest: LISAs – edging forward
                                      • Willis Towers Watson Media

                                        Settlement Watch 

                                        United Kingdom Monthly in English
                                        A monthly newsletter commenting on the buy-out, buy-in and longevity swap market.
                                        Latest: Bulk annuity and longevity hedging market update – March 2019
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                                          Solvency II e-Alerts

                                          Austria, Belgium, Cyprus + 23 more
                                          • Czech Republic
                                          • Denmark
                                          • Estonia
                                          • Finland
                                          • France
                                          • Germany
                                          • Greece
                                          • Hungary
                                          • Ireland
                                          • Italy
                                          • Latvia
                                          • Lithuania
                                          • Luxembourg
                                          • Malta
                                          • Netherlands
                                          • Poland
                                          • Portugal
                                          • Romania
                                          • Slovakia
                                          • Slovenia
                                          • Spain
                                          • Sweden
                                          • United Kingdom
                                          Periodic in English
                                          Up-to-date information for insurers on the European Solvency II Directive
                                          • Willis Towers Watson Media


                                            United Kingdom Monthly in English
                                            A compilation of 44 economic indicators and other useful statistics, including retail price indices, average earning index, national insurance, Section 148, bank base rates and pension scheme earnings cap
                                            Latest: UK Statistics - April 2019
                                            • generic thumbnail cover of towers watson

                                              Towers Watson News 

                                              Spain Monthly in Spanish
                                              A summary of the latest news, developments and trends in the Spanish market from Towers Watson’s global perspective
                                              Latest: Towers Watson News - Octubre 2014
                                              • Willis Towers Watson Media


                                                Netherlands Periodically in Dutch
                                                Up-to-date information on developments in pensions and human capital
                                                • Finance
                                                • HR
                                                • Retirement  Latest: Update - Maart 2015
                                              • generic thumbnail cover of towers watson

                                                Update: Pension and Insurance

                                                Switzerland Three times per year in English, French and German
                                                For insurers and pension plan sponsors in Switzerland, this periodical provides useful news and information.
                                                Audience: Head of HR, Head of Finance of multinational companies based in Switzerland with 100-300 employees
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