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Data Digitisation

Data Digitisation

Many companies hold a wealth of information in inert formats such as paper files, scanned images and other media. Many strategically important business projects or transactions rely on easy access to your data. Where such data is not readily available, historically the only option was to have people physically searching the documents. This is time consuming, expensive and open to human error. Therefore projects were often not undertaken or the best price was not achieved in a transaction.

Lack of ready access to data can act as a blocker to delivering your desired strategic vision or achieve sub-optimal outcomes. Our Data Digitisation service is a technology-driven managed solution that identifies and extracts valuable data from inert files into optimal formats to unlock the potential in your data.

We use our deep understanding of our clients’ business and their strategic direction within a four step process:

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After the classification stage the client receives a digital ordered index of electronic files making it easy to search for the particular document you are looking for.

The subsequent extraction stage provides a populated database of key information ready to use – this file can be any format you require.

Data Digitisation can be integrated into projects carried out with Willis Towers Watson to ensure you are able to unlock your valuable data efficiently to meet your specific objectives.

Rob Hamer (AstraZeneca UK Benefits Manager) discusses how Data Digitisation helped in a recent member option exercise.

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