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Rx Collaborative

Rx Collaborative

The Rx Collaborative is the largest pharmacy coalition in the U.S.

We represent nearly 400 employers with approximately $6 billion in drug spend and nearly 5 million members. Our collective purchasing power and expertise allow us to deliver financial savings, innovative programs and consulting services unsurpassed in today's marketplace.

The Rx Collaborative offers arrangements with three premier PBMs: Express Scripts, OptumRx and CVS Caremark. With our highly competitive deal terms and cutting-edge clinical and program management, clients can achieve significant savings that will immediately impact the bottom line.


4 ways of transforming pharmacy benefit delivery: Savings, innovation, advocacy, and flexibility


If your company has more than 1,000 members and is eligible for a PBM contract renewal, you may be qualified to receive a free Rx Collaborative savings analysis. If you are interested in receiving a customized value proposition on behalf of your organization, please contact us at

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