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Defined Benefit Funds

Defined Benefit Funds

The selection of active managers for defined benefit pension fund investment is competitive. On average they underperform after fees, so trustees need to have an edge in selecting managers if they expect to outperform. But recent capital shortages and investors’ significantly reduced ability to take risk make it clear that even activities such as liability hedging and diversification are now competitive.

The key principle of our advice to pension funds reflects this new reality: Investment is an intensely competitive activity, and our clients need us to identify and complement their competitive advantages. Our advice to some of the world’s largest pension funds positions us to provide our clients with competitive advantage through research and innovation.

Why Towers Watson?

We offer a full range of investment consulting services to defined benefit clients. Towers Watson::

  • Assists clients in linking governance and investment efficiency
  • Sets long-term investment objectives
  • Offers asset liability modeling
  • Provides dynamic and strategic asset allocation policy
  • Develops an investment manager structure
  • Selects investment managers
  • Monitors managers and provides ongoing evaluation
  • Offers risk monitoring
  • Develops trustee training and education.

These services are offered as part of an investment advisory service or as part of a delegated or fiduciary arrangement. However you choose to appoint us, our aim is to be your trusted adviser. The quality and professionalism of our team will serve you well.

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