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Defined Contribution Funds

Defined Contribution Funds

Preparing employees for retirement is no simple task. While regulations provide some guidance for compliance with fiduciary obligations, they leave defined contribution plan sponsors with a wide range of discretion over complex issues such as the governance process, plan investment structure, cost management, and service provider selection and monitoring.

We help defined contribution plan sponsors address the complexity of fiduciary oversight by working together to identify governance and investment solutions that match their needs and resources, comply with fiduciary standards, and focus on the underlying objective of employee retirement readiness. We support some of the world’s largest defined contribution plans, and provide clients with a competitive advantage through research and innovation.

Why Towers Watson

We offer a full range of investment consulting services to defined contribution plan clients. Towers Watson helps clients:

  • Link governance and investment efficiency
  • Set long-term investment objectives
  • Establish customized dynamic and strategic asset allocation policy for target-date funds
  • Develop an investment manager structure
  • Select investment managers
  • Monitor managers and ongoing evaluation
  • Improve risk monitoring
  • Develop trustee training and education

These services may be offered as part of an investment advisory service, or as part of a delegated or fiduciary arrangement. No matter what your needs are, our aim is to be your trusted advisor. The quality and professionalism of our team will serve you well.

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