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Delegated (fiduciary/outsourcing)

Delegated (fiduciary/outsourcing)

Trustees and plan sponsors today are facing unprecedented market volatility and economic uncertainty, creating significant challenges when it comes to managing their pension fund. Here we look at the benefits of delegated investment services

Time and resource constraints often mean that many investment schemes are not structured optimally to maximise investment returns while managing risk appropriately. Opportunities are missed, and in many cases value is detracted from investment schemes by inefficient decision-making processes, as well as the challenge of understanding and exploiting new investment options.

Allied to this, the commercial pressures that most businesses are now facing have led to a desire to better manage costs and get the most out of scarce resources.

Delegated investment can be the solution: a fiduciary management solution can provide cost-effective and efficient execution, enabling pension schemes to react to opportunities and employ diversified investment strategies that are more appropriate for today’s complex and volatile markets. Fiduciary management leaves trustees free to concentrate on the more critical strategic aspects of managing their pension fund.

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