Employee Benefit Brokerage

Employee Benefit Brokerage

Employee Benefit Brokerage

Today clients need solutions that have both global consistency and local relevance. As organizations become more global, individual and fragmented benefit plans in each market no longer make financial or long-term strategic sense. There is a need for better governance and oversight from both a cost perspective and a regulation standpoint.

Towers Watson’s employee benefit brokerage services include the placement of business, claim handling and general implementation of medical, dental and risk (life, accident and disability) programs. For multinationals, they also include advice and coordination relating to brokerage services.

  • Local support. Placement of business, claim handling and general implementation. We provide brokerage services directly in those countries in which we have brokerage licenses, and we partner with Willis and its global network to provide brokerage services in countries where we do not have licenses. 
  • Global and regional headquarters (HQ) support. Advice and coordination relating to brokerage services. Towers Watson provides this support in relation to local brokerage provided by either Towers Watson or Willis. 

Between Towers Watson’s local country capabilities and those of Willis, we can meet your benefit brokerage needs in more than 160 countries today.

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