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Equity Plan Valuation and Reporting Services

Equity Plan Valuation and Reporting Services

Executive compensation remains in the spotlight, and it is important for organizations to understand the potential value being delivered from their long-term incentive awards.

Employers commonly set long-term incentive awards based on the associated accounting valuations. While this alignment helps organizations better map intended stock-based compensation amounts with the compensation disclosures, it also means accurate equity valuations are essential. A company’s careful planning regarding how much incentive pay to offer and what award vehicles are most appropriate will be less effective if these equity valuations are not done right.

Towers Watson offers clients an outsourced solution that integrates all aspects of Accounting Standards Codification Topic 718 (ASC 718) valuation and reporting. Our solution is individually customized to your needs and encompasses all types of executive compensation equity plans, including stock options, stock appreciation rights, restricted shares/units, performance shares/units and employee stock purchase plans.

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