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Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling

By creating financial models that mirror companies’ business processes, companies can test their resilience in any number of potential scenarios. Willis Towers Watson specializes in helping insurance clients create flexible and user-friendly models.

A model can provide a dependable planning framework for the entire business, from overall strategy to detailed operational matters.

By measuring the risk inherent in the business, it enables management to draw up mitigation strategies that enable the best possible use of capital, rectifying unacceptable exposures whilst avoiding the wasteful use of resources. It also makes it possible to quantify the likely impact of any business decision.

Willis Towers Watson advises and supports clients in the use of models for a wide range of business applications:

  • Risk management
  • Reinsurance purchase
  • Alternative risk transfer
  • Capital allocation
  • Underwriting strategy
  • Pricing
  • Reserving
  • Profit targets
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Relations with regulators and ratings agencies
  • Target setting and performance management
  • Solvency II Standard Formula Calculations
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