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Get ahead of the future. Technology, digitalization and globalization are changing the way we work. As an HR professional, you are likely thinking about the impact of this rapidly changing environment on your organization and people strategy. To prepare for the future now and stay ahead of the curve, you must understand:

  • How technology is disrupting business models
  • How digitalization is changing how work gets done in organizations
  • The impact of the future of work on the employment value proposition

Willis Towers Watson can help you navigate this inevitable transformation. Through an interactive, one-day workshop facilitated by our experts on the topic, we are accelerating these conversations and helping HR leaders get ahead of the curve by discussing what the future of work looks like for their organizations, along with HR's new mandate to stay relevant and impactful in leading the work. This includes:

  • Technology 101: De-mystifying artificial intelligence and technology’s impact on work
  • The evolving workforce: Permanent, part-time, free agents, talent platforms, RPA solution providers and more
  • A scan of work in your organization: Identifying “tipping point” jobs, deconstructing them and analyzing new work alternatives
  • New and unique methods for identifying emerging skills
  • Moving beyond talent strategies to close work gaps
  • Identifying the new role of HR in this dynamic environment

You will leave the session with a toolkit that includes key next steps for your organization's talent and rewards strategy, specific tools to use in analyzing work and understanding the alternatives to full-time employees, action items for leaders and HR, and a better understanding of how you can build the necessary capabilities to drive growth in the future as an architect of work in the future.

For more information, please contact tracey.malcolm@willistowerswatson.com.

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