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HR M&A Consulting

HR M&A Consulting

Corporate transactions — whether an acquisition, merger, divestiture, spin-off, joint ventures or other type of restructuring — are a common path for growth, economies of scale and enhanced competitiveness. But attractive as these transactions can be, they often come with hazards. Hidden pension liabilities, incompatible leadership teams, complicated reward programs and cultures that don’t blend can cost time and money. They can even make or break a deal.

Willis Towers Watson helps organizations in all industries evaluate and address the people-related costs, risks and challenges of corporate transactions through all phases of the deal. We’ll guide you in assessing your people programs and developing detailed merger integration plans; prioritizing activities leading to Day One, as well as those of the first 100 days after the deal closes; and equipping HR and other functions for the pivotal merger integration period. After integration, our proprietary tools and techniques for change and project management will help you ensure a successful transition.

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