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New tools and technologies are transforming how insurance companies think about the future. More and more insurers are embracing InsurTech to improve customer experiences, unlock the potential of advanced analytics, and drive cost savings.

Insurers: Be ready for the future with proven InsurTech solutions

Capitalize on InsurTech with proven solutions

With change happening so fast, it can be challenging for insurers to innovate with confidence or even to know where to begin. Willis Towers Watson offers proven, connected insurance technology solutions to prepare insurers for the future.

  • Enhance customer experiences. We seamlessly connect insurer and broker technologies so that agents, brokers, insurers, and most importantly consumers exchange data in a more modern and meaningful way.
  • Harness advanced analytics. We implement game-changing predictive modeling solutions, including machine learning, that improve performance with more accurate fraud detection, pricing, claims and underwriting.
  • Automate processes to reduce risk. We use process automation and governance software to automate data and analytical workflows, enabling insurers to streamline their business and reduce costs.
  • Adapt IT to improve performance. We bring a range of Software as a Service solutions that help insurance companies of all sizes reduce IT complexities and improve software performance.

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