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Job Leveling: Global Grading System and Career Map

Job Leveling: Global Grading System and Career Map

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Job leveling is an analytical process that can determine the relative value of jobs in your organization. It provides a foundation for reward and talent management programs including:

  • Compensation and benefits (including base pay, and short- and long-term incentives)
  • Performance management
  • Development and career management
  • Workforce analytics and planning
  • Succession management
  • Staffing and selection

Job leveling also helps organizations address business needs ranging from attraction, engagement and retention of key talent, to cost and risk management, to governance of reward program delivery.

Willis Towers Watson offers a range of job-leveling approaches, from established methodologies to custom implementations. Our Global Grading System (GGS), and Career Map job-leveling tool are not only more flexible than traditional methods, but are also easier to understand, implement and manage. And they can be implemented individually or in tandem.

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