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Manager Redefined Training Program

Manager Redefined Training Program

Using our Manager Performance Model as a foundation, the Manager Redefined training program balances knowledge transfer, experiential learning, discussion and self-discovery to build skills and sustain energy.

This program enables managers to develop an understanding of the key principles of the Manager Performance Model, and to build self-awareness about individual strengths and areas for improvement within Manager Redefined competencies. It also helps managers improve the balance between their technical capabilities and the relational abilities required to enhance employee engagement and productivity. Our training encompasses the performance areas most critical for managers to engage employees in their work, build commitment to the organisation and sustain engagement both through times of change and turmoil. The core Manager Redefined training program is built upon these five elements:

Crafting Jobs

This module of the training focuses on the manager’s role in clarifying job-related roles, structuring specific job tasks and making the necessary adjustments to ensure that work meets organisational needs and supports business strategy. The training emphasises how managers can help employees to craft jobs that have ample energising elements and the right level of challenge with the fewest possible performance obstacles. We help managers learn how to achieve the elusive alignment between individually engaging, purposeful work and jobs that contribute to the organisation’s ability to achieve and sustain its effectiveness.

Developing People

In this training module, we help managers improve their ability to create opportunities for each employee to add to his or her storehouse of skills and knowledge. The highest performing managers don’t just connect people with training, coach them or give frequent feedback. To be truly effective, managers must work with each employee to craft and execute an individual plan for growth and advancement. The learning experiences managers help deliver enable people to master their work and maximise both their engagement and their performance.

Delivering the Deal

Managers play a central role in brokering the exchange of each employee’s investment of human capital (knowledge, skills, talent and behaviour) for the array of financial and nonfinancial, intrinsic and extrinsic rewards they receive. In this module of the training, we help managers learn how to use the full range of rewards at their disposal, both financial and non-financial (including satisfying tasks, opportunities to master skills and recognition for success) to increase engagement by making employees feel individually appreciated.

Energizing Change

Effective managers envision, plan for and create the future. Sometimes, this requires them to respond to change that is imposed and unavoidable — reorganisation, strategic redirection or downsizing, for example. In other cases, innovation and creativity may spark the change, as people develop new offerings or find better ways to do their jobs. In this fourth training module, we work with managers to help them understand how to engage employees in supporting change and developing new ways of working, with an emphasis on dealing with individual frames of reference and handling resistance to change.

Authenticity and Trust

Effective managers don’t define their roles solely through the eyes of others. Instead, strong managers hold themselves to an internal, self-defined standard of acting and speaking, regardless of the requirements imposed by the external world. Scholars of leadership call this authenticity. The best managers also display the humility, intellectual honesty, interpersonal sensitivity and behavioural consistency required to perform effectively across all core elements of the manager performance model. We help managers understand the critical requirements for behaving authentically and how they can use these insights as the basis for establishing a trusting relationship between manager and employee.

Each of these concepts is explored in depth in our Manager Redefined training.  As part of the training, participants are asked to complete in advance a self-diagnostic regarding their current level of ability for various aspects of the model.  And as they proceed through the content, they have opportunities to revisit their self-assessment and make notes regarding the tools and techniques they can apply back on the job. Finally, during the wrap-up participants are asked to set some individual action goals to increase their proficiency as a manager.
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