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OneExchange for Active Employees

OneExchange for Active Employees

Employee benefits are a vital element of your total rewards strategy — necessary to stay ahead of the competition, and to attract and retain the best talent. As the benefit landscape continues to evolve, you have the opportunity to modernize your benefit offerings to prompt a significant boost in employee engagement and satisfaction. Is it a good time for change?

We think it is — and many employers agree.

OneExchange® modernizes your benefit program, helping your employees easily select the portfolio right for them from among an expanded array of benefit choices. We provide a flexible program to meet your organization’s unique needs. We work with you to configure your private benefit marketplace — one that helps you effectively manage costs and offer employees an engaging, satisfying experience. OneExchange not only delivers immediate positive results, but also has the flexibility you need to adapt to changes in your business — keeping you ahead of the curve.

Your goals

Welcome to a new era in employee benefits. The private benefit marketplace has emerged as a proven way for employers to:

  • Better align reward programs with the employee value proposition
  • Give employees more choices
  • Ensure flexibility and scalability in benefit offerings
  • Harness sophisticated technology for benefits administration, including Affordable Care Act compliance reporting
  • Provide employees with decision support tools and personal guidance to help them with decision making
  • Effectively manage benefit costs
  • Enhance employees’ physical, financial and psychological health, thereby boosting productivity

Sound like the right opportunity at the right time? We’re betting your active employees and your HR staff would think so.

Enter OneExchange.

Their choice

Your people want options to meet their various budget needs. OneExchange offers an array of carefully vetted choices — all with clear price tags — to help employees build a personalized portfolio to protect their health, wealth and lifestyle. And most important: Because enrollment is simple, employees make informed decisions with ease and confidence, supported by a sophisticated recommendation engine that guides them through the process. We also have trained service center professionals and other helpful resources. So, no matter what type of support employees want and how much they need, we have it covered.

We have you covered, too. We help you clarify your goals and pull the right levers at the right time to meet them. We support you and your HR team from implementation through enrollment and beyond.

Our experience

Only OneExchange is built on more than 100 years of benefit innovation, 30 years of benefits administration outsourcing, and 10 years of experience in health insurance exchange design, technology and operations. Through our extensive experience partnering with organizations of all sizes, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the most pressing challenges employers face — as well as the most effective solutions for optimizing total rewards budgets while keeping employees healthy and engaged. We pass along to you the very best: the most experienced consultants; and the best practices, methodologies and lessons we’ve learned helping organizations thrive.

Is it time to make the switch to OneExchange?

Contact us

Learn more about OneExchange for active employees today. Contact your Willis Towers Watson account director or email us at OneExchange@willistowerswatson.com.

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