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Pay-for-Performance Analytics and Alignment

Pay-for-Performance Analytics and Alignment

Willis Towers Watson’s pay-for-performance solutions blend decades of experience with cutting-edge tools so that you can set performance goals that drive business performance and ensure sustainable growth.

A compelling pay-for-performance narrative connects the dots between executive compensation and sustainable value creation for shareholders through thoughtful consideration of metric selection, weighting, goal-setting and payout potential. Traditional analytics will continue to play a role in this process, but future success will also require disruptive analytics.

Pay-for-performance solutions

Willis Towers Watson’s pay-for-performance solutions span a wide range of dimensions and offer best-in-class insights:

  • Our scale enables us to make unmatched investments in intellectual capital.
  • Single-dimensional analytics provide quick insights and lead to efficient hypotheses.
  • Multidimensional analytics test alignment of pay and performance, relative to a comparator group and corroborate ideas about whether and how to change.
  • Our proprietary global databases illuminate competitive incentive plan design features as well as pay level.
  • And our Predictive Performance Model (PPM) is an unrivalled solution that brings predictive analytics into the discussion of incentive plan goals and design, allowing for deeper, forward-looking analyses.

Predictive Performance Model (PPM)

Willis Towers Watson’s proprietary Predictive Performance Model (PPM) models and simulates future financial performance to inform the calibration of incentive plan goals and payout potential. We use PPM to help clients:

  • Address pay-for-performance disconnects
  • Recalibrate goals and payouts
  • Develop new designs with new performance measures
  • Validate preliminary plans for changes to measures, goals and payouts
  • Ensure fair goals across multiple business units

We’ve deployed PPM in various sectors (materials, industrials, consumer staples, retail, health care, technology and utilities) around the globe. Let us show you what PPM can do for you.

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