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Lump Sum Offering

Lump Sum Offering

Lump sum offers for former employees have become popular in recent years as an effective method to reduce the operational costs and financial volatility of a defined benefit pension plan while providing participants a choice of how they wish to manage their retirement benefits.

A lump sum offer is not the right decision for every company. But there are several reasons why more companies are exploring this option.

  1. Your overall pension strategy and how a lump sum offer fits into this broader strategy
  2. Characteristics of your plan participants
  3. Operational readiness to conduct an offer, including data quality and administrative resources.

Why Towers Watson?

Towers Watson’s expertise and experience with lump sum window strategy and administration is unmatched. We have worked with companies of all sizes and in every major industry — providing our clients with support on the design, communication and execution of their lump sum windows. We have:
  • Implemented more than 250 windows
  • Solicited more than one million participants
  • Paid over $18 billion in lump sums
Towers Watson was not the ongoing administrator in the majority of these windows.
*Based on Towers Watson lump sum windows, 2011 – 2014

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