Software for Life

Software Solutions for Life Insurers

Software Solutions for Life Insurers

Our comprehensive suite of innovative life insurance software tools and services are backed by our rich heritage in insurance risk, analytics and technology. This unique perspective allows us to deliver more than individual products and services – we understand your business issues, to deliver solutions that unlock your full potential.


Solutions for Life
A comprehensive, integrated portfolio that provides leading-edge solutions across all areas of the modeling process. The components are designed to work together or individually to give your company greater confidence through increased accuracy and performance.

Financial modeling

RiskAgility Financial Modeler (FM)  
Enables life insurers to run financial models that accurately reflect their company’s products and to run them in ways that are easily adapted to their business processes.

Proxy modeling  

RiskAgility Proxy Modeler (PM)
Standardizes and automates all stages of the proxy modeling process, reducing the manual effort in what can otherwise be a resource-intensive process.

Economic capital calculation

RiskAgility Economic Capital Aggregator (EC)  
Calculates and embeds flexible economic capital models in day-to-day risk management with greater speed and precision.

RiskAgility Standard Formula (SF)
Aggregates the solvency capital requirement using the EIOPA Solvency II standard formula for life, health and PC business across single entities and groups. 

Pricing and predictive modeling

Decision support and rating engine platform which can be used to assess optimal pricing actions and seamlessly deploy rates in a flexible and agile rating engine that integrates with existing administration systems.

Fits predictive models rapidly to large and complex data sets to reveal underlying patterns in customer data, including claims experience, mortality, and renewals and conversion.

Economic scenario generation

Generates economic scenarios and asset returns under risk-neutral or real-world bases in a globally consistent framework.

Data management

Validates and cleanses data to prepare it for use in downstream financial modeling and reporting processes, providing easily auditable reports to bring a level of rigor and governance to your data processes.

Mortality risk

A stochastic multi-state mortality/morbidity model informed by detailed medical research combined with expert medical opinions; allows firms to rate business based on various medical risk factors. 

Software as a Service (SaaS) technology solutions

A one-stop online workplace that enables a range of Willis Towers Watson’s leading insurance software products, and other supplementary actuarial programs, to be delivered in a SaaS IT environment.

Combined with RiskAgility FM, vGrid provides fully scalable, on-demand access to compute resource, delivered as a fully outsourced service by Willis Towers Watson.

Systems integration and workflow automation

Automates and governs the end-to-end financial modeling and reporting process by integrating multiple software applications into user-defined workflows.  

Portal solutions and systems connectivity

Seamlessly connects insurer and broker technologies to enable both the systems and the people who use them to work better together. The platform can also be implemented to modernize legacy systems to increase longevity of current technology.

Customized applications

Applications and libraries to accelerate model implementation: country and product-specific applications, ALMs and model-pointing tools.

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