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Building Practical and Robust Investment Strategies

Building Practical and Robust Investment Strategies

Determining investment strategy, and the associated asset allocation policy, is probably the most important decision for any institutional investor.

Towers Watson has market-leading investment strategy expertise and one of the largest teams of its kind amongst our consulting peers, with over 140 specialist investment strategy consultants globally.

Why Towers Watson?

Towers Watson has deep experience in providing investment strategy advice to some of the largest pension plans, endowments, foundations and sovereign wealth funds around the world.

Our investment strategy services include:

  • Sponsor covenant assessment
  • Setting long-term investment objectives and journey plan goals
  • Asset/liability modeling
  • Strategic asset allocation policy
  • Increasing investment efficiency across the portfolio
  • Linking funding and investment policy decisions
  • Dynamic de-risking policy, including pre-agreed triggers for action
  • Liability hedging strategies, using a wide range of derivatives and structured products
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