Insurance consulting and technology

Strategy and Growth for Insurers

Strategy and Growth for Insurers

We offer targeted consulting and technology solutions that address both enterprise-wide and functional insurance challenges, whether our clients need to fix, grow or transform their business.

Our clients benefit from solutions ranging from large-scale and fundamental transformational change programs to highly-specific future business strategies. Crucially, our solutions are commercially robust, pragmatic and implementable.

How we live insurance

How we live insurance

Market entry: We leveraged on-the-ground knowledge to advise a client on opportunities and challenges of potential markets. This led us to develop and implement a new market entry strategy and success criteria.

Annuity transaction: Through a combination of our Insurance Consulting and Reinsurance teams, we advised on an annuity business transaction, providing valuations that resulted in substantial uplift in capital for the client.

How we can help you

We combine our deep insurance domain expertise with our technology capabilities to advise clients in four main areas. In addition to Strategy and Growth, our Insurance Consulting and Technology team can support you with the following:

  • Operational Effectiveness and Profitability
    Operational Effectiveness and Profitability
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  • Insurance Consulting and Technology
    Insurance Consulting and Technology
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