Insurance consulting and technology

Technology for Insurers

Technology for Insurers

Willis Towers Watson's technology team and insurance consultants work together seamlessly to help clients maximize the benefits of solutions that combine our leading-edge thinking with the latest technology.

We offer flexible solutions that move with the times, addressing issues such as process industrialization, creating digital pathways and the opportunities associated with advanced analytics.

How we live insurance

How we live insurance

Radar Live: Our market-leading rating and underwriting engine that delivers billions of personal and commercial lines quotes every year for insurers and intermediaries globally.

Unify: Has helped to deliver more than a 40% reduction in time take for an end-to-end reporting process, with an associated 30% reduction in resources required to run the reporting process following its implementation.

Our technology and software solutions support a variety of activities for life and property & casualty insurers, including:

  • Financial modeling
  • Pricing and predictive modeling
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Economic scenario generation
  • Reserving methods
  • Broker-insurer connectivity

How we can help you

We combine our deep insurance domain expertise with our technology capabilities to advise clients in four main areas. In addition to Technology, our Insurance Consulting and Technology team can support you with the following:

  • Operational Effectiveness and Profitability for Insurers
    Operational Effectiveness and Profitability
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  • Insurance Consulting and Technology
    Insurance Consulting and Technology
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Solutions for Life Insights

An online publication for the life insurance industry, showcasing our latest thinking on financial modeling and reporting; guiding today’s life insurer towards risk and actuarial transformation. Learn more.


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