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Value-Based Products and Services:
Health System Consulting

Value-Based Products and Services:
Health System Consulting

Health System Consulting

The transition to a value-based reimbursement system from a volume-driven model presents unprecedented opportunities and challenges for health care provider organizations. There are many external and internal dynamics at play from the complexity involved with integrating reimbursement models to establishing a clinically integrated network that delivers competitive cost and quality performance.

To capitalize on opportunities and minimize risk, health care organizations need to address these inherent challenges. To start, they are asking some key questions:

  • Do we have a clear understanding of how our value-based offering can distinguish us in the market?
  • Do we fully understand how the risk we are assuming with our value-based offering can propel us on a path to growth? Will our pricing and financials take us where we need to go?
  • Does our organization’s game plan embrace all of the complex layers associated with succeeding in the new, value- and risk-based health care market?

Willis Towers Watson has a dedicated health system consulting team focused on helping health care providers succeed in the value-based world. Our health system consulting team includes clinical, actuarial, legal, analytical, contractual and network development experts. Learn more about our portfolio of services and solutions to help health care organizations capitalize on opportunities in the rapidly approaching value-based future:

Solutions for health care organizations

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